MyIrcDcLinks is an application written in Delphi 7 (for Windows), that is able to connect to multiple dc hubs (and irc servers) and transmit chat messages from each one to the others. The similar project is DC hublink:


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Quick start

MyIrcDcLinks screenshot

After starting the application, go to tab Hubs/Ircs and click the New button, and configure Your new hub(s) and irc(s) and click "Connect All" button. You can safely remove the examples if You like, or You can just click on each of them, and uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox (if You want examples to stay). Each change requires You to press the "Update" button.

That's it.

After the bot connects to hubs/ircs, if You are OP on some of those hubs/ircs, You can send the private message to the bot: .help (dot help). The list of all possible OP commands will be displayed to You.

Fields in Hubs/Ircs tab

HostPort - host and port of the hub/irc in the form "hostname:port"

Nick - nick that the bot will use on that hub/irc

Password - a password for that nick

Prefix - the prefix of that hub/irc (that will be added to nicks when the messages are broadcasted)

Broadcast FROM here - will the bot READ messages FROM this hub/irc?

Broadcast TO here - will the bot SEND messages TO this hub/irc?

Enabled - if not enabled, bot will not connect to this hub when You click "Connect All" button

Hub specific fields:

Share - share size that the bot will use in MyINFO meesages

Slots - the number of open slots that the bot will use in MyINFO meesages

Client - dc client string that the bot will use in MyINFO meesages

Irc specific fields:

Ident - ident text (if You are not running identd deamon)

Description - full name

Channels - which channels to join (comma separated list of channels)

Irc user is in the form of:

burek is * burek pekaric

Here, the nick is "burek", the ident text is "nindza", and the description is "burek pekaric".


- You can send Your comments and bug reports to:

- If You use DC network, You can find me at Gusari hub at: dchub://

Final word of the author

I wrote this project because I was inspired by the project DC hublink (from, but I wanted to implement some more features (queued messages to avoid floods, custom OP commands to the bot, etc) and that's how this project started :)

It took me 3-4 days to write this thing, so please don't be too harsh on me if You find any bugs :)

Have a nice time using this bot :)


Last edited: 11. Oct. 2009.

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